COVID 19 Update


Dear Valued Customers and Friends of Burgerchief,

As you know, all in-house service at restaurants and bars across the state have been shutdown through May 11th. I, along with everyone else, hope the situation will be resolved sooner than later, however in the meantime, PEOPLE NEED TO EAT!!!

Burgerchief remains committed to providing the reliable, safe, delicious product and service you can count on. We will continue to open our business and serve food in various locations during these closures. Please continue to check our website for updates, locations, and hours. Burgerchief Food Truck is already held to very high health and safety standards on a normal basis and will continue to do so. We have upped the regular sanitation of the credit card machine and all flat surfaces as well.

These are uncomfortable times for all, but rest assured as a food truck we are in a great position to keep you fed while complying with evolving health codes, social distancing, and food safety. Everything on a food truck is sterilized and self-contained in proper refrigeration. All of our food is handled and cooked by a small crew that does not change shifts. This reduces the amount of people in the kitchen such as servers and mangers who could increase any potentially hazardous conditions. You even order through a screened truck window! We always appreciate your business and we are grateful to be in a position to continue to serve you delicious burgers during these unprecedented times.

Thank you for continuing to support our food truck and trusting us with providing you great service and burgers,

Scott Morgan, Chef/Owner

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